Official homepage for the Tom Ingram Band, New England's rock chameleons since 1999 covering everything from 60's classics to the best of today's rock 'n' roll blended with a mix of their original tunes

Since 1999, the Tom Ingram Band has been New England's rock chameleons.  Their immense range, shifting from 60's classics to the
rock 'n' roll of today, enables them to perform an extensive catalog of cover tunes as well as their own original material, showcasing the depth and diversity of their talent.
Whether covering a well-known hit or diving into a deep cut, they deliver the highest authenticity in paying homage to the artists and bands who inspire them.


"One big wall of sound"
 -- Tom Ingram
 "Sound far bigger than what
you'd expect from a trio"
 -- John O'Boyle